Ten Items to Pack for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is arguably one of the happiest yet most stressful days of your life. We’ve gathered a list of ten items to pack for your wedding day to ensure that your day is smooth sailing!

1.)   Anything you would like photographed.

Detail shots are important in a wedding gallery to help tell the story of your day. Make sure you pack up invitations, jewelry, ring boxes, family heirlooms, or anything else that you would like captured by your photographers.

2.)   Clear nail polish and/or super glue.

Accidents happen. A fingernail might end up broken or even worse- snagging on a veil or dress. Having a clear coat on hand to secure those rough edges can save the day! Super glue or nail glue is an easy last-minute fix for any wardrobe malfunctions. Last year we had a mother of the groom catch her fingernail on her gown which separated part of her skirt from the belt of the gown. Luckily, I happened to have nail glue in my bag which repaired the skirt instantly and lasted her all night on the dance floor!

3.)   Mints and floss.

You will be hugging and kissing your guests (and your new spouse!) throughout the entire day and displaying those pearly whites for every photo. The last thing you want is to pick at the remnants of lunch in your teeth before walking down the aisle. A quick floss and mint combo will ensure a perfect smile and fresh breath!

4.)   A lint Roller.

Makeup fallout, loose strands of hair, and any other particles that can be picked up throughout the day can be easily fixed with your handy lint roller!

5.)   Snacks and water bottles.

Your wedding day is arguably the busiest day of your life- it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself throughout all of the madness. Sneaking in a few snack breaks and staying hydrated is extremely important to ensure you look and feel your best when you walk down the aisle! The last thing you want is to feel weak or faint because you forgot to eat!

6.)   Slippers.

This is highly recommended while you are getting ready- especially if you will be wearing high heels.

7.)   Disposable or instant cameras.

Your professional photo gallery will become some of your most cherished photos of your lifetime, but it’s also fun to have some goofy photos taken by yourself or your guests. Putting out disposable or instant cameras during your reception can lead to some hilarious photographic evidence of a good time, and captures the night through the eyes of your guests!

8.)   A robe or flannel.

This is super important for getting ready! Once your hair and makeup is complete, you won’t want to have to lift anything over your head and mess up your look!

9.)   Headphones.

Just in case you need a few moments to yourself. A pair of headphones and a good playlist can help keep you cool, calm, and collected while counting down the hours until you walk down the aisle.

10.)  List of vendors and their contact information paired with a day-of schedule.

Cannot stress enough how important this is! Having a complete list of all vendors and their contact information is crucial for a smoothly running day. You never know what last minute emergencies could pop up. It’s best to be over prepared! Having all of your vendors on the same page is the key to a smoothly running day.

I hope this list of the ten items to pack for your wedding day has eased some stress and helped you prepare for your big day!

Please reach out if you have any questions!