Five Engagement Shoot Location Ideas

So, you’re engaged and ready to celebrate your big moment with photo memories! It’s certainly an exciting, yet incredibly busy time for you and your partner. Amid questions of outfit choices, potential photographers, and when you should have your shoot, there’s another large question at play: where should you take your engagement photos? The location/s you select for your engagement shoot are especially important, as this will be the backdrop of all the photographs you’ll have to look back on in the future. If you’re still trying to decide if you should even have an engagement shoot, click here for our reasons as to why you should! Without further ado, here is a list of five engagement shoot location ideas to spark some inspiration in your site scouting from a Boston wedding photographer!

Where it All Began 

Take a trip down memory lane and let nostalgia set the tone for your engagement shoot with this idea! Of course, choosing to take your engagement photos where you and your partner first met is not only cute, but romantic. Wherever it may be, it’ll be totally unique to you and a nod to your relationship. You and your partner will be able to relive a fond memory with this throwback location too.

First Date Reminiscing 

First dates are different for every couple and that’s the beauty of this potential location. Not only does this have the same aspect of familiarity as the “where it all began” shoot, it also allows for unique, one-of-a-kind photos! Since there are no rules as to where and how dates take place, there’s certainly a lot of room for creativity and reflection.

Destination: Anywhere

Luckily, your engagement shoot location doesn’t have to be local! Going on vacation to a place picturesque and want to capture your love somewhere new? Consider finding a photographer in the area you’re traveling to and doing your shoot in between vacation activities. For example, a secluded, cozy cabin in the mountains, a sandy beach at sunset, or a beautiful blooming garden. The choice is yours! Not only will you be exploring someplace new, but you’ll be creating memories to look back on once the shoot is finished.

The Regulars

For those who find themselves frequenting a certain place with their partner, this idea is for you! Whether it’s a local coffee shop, restaurant, park, wherever, if it’s an important aspect of your relationship, it’s worth snapping a few photos at. Likewise, being somewhere you know well ensures more confidence in both yourself and the engagement shoot because you know what to expect! 

Home Sweet Home

How does that old saying go? Home is where the heart is? If it’s good enough to put on a sign and hang on a wall, perhaps there really is something to it. A potentially overlooked location, but definitely worth considering! Taking your engagement photos in your house is an opportunity to be completely comfortable with your surroundings. However, you also get to show off what makes your home so special! Maybe you and your partner like to cook together or maybe you’ve got a comfy hammock set up in your backyard. Take this opportunity to look around your home together and get cozy for the camera! 

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