The Pros and Cons of Having a Family Friendly Wedding

A polarizing topic with staunch supporters on both sides, the idea of having a family friendly wedding is an obvious “yes” for some couples and a resounding “no” for others. Kids can be adorable, exciting additions to an event but, as most people know, can become unpredictable at a moment’s notice. For those of you struggling to decide between including little ones on your guest list, here’s a little list of pros and cons to help nudge you off the fence and on your way to a smooth, enjoyable wedding day!

Pro: A Family Affair

Without the worry of having to make age exceptions on your invitations, you can be sure that your loved ones with kids feel welcome to celebrate your big day with you! This allows your guests the ability to attend without the troubling worries of scrambling to find a sitter, or worse, potentially having to decline attendance. 

Con: Kids Will Be Kids, For Better or For Worse

The things that warm your heart when you see children may very well drive you insane when it comes to your wedding day. A baby loudly wailing as you stand at the altar and try to deliver your vows over the noise (maybe holding back a tear of your own?), a child dashing through and around the guest’s legs as people mingle at the reception, a drink spilled, a dish broken. Obviously, we would like to avoid them, but accidents happen. Therefore, ask yourself if you’re really willing to deal with the added stress that may come along with young ones in attendance. 

Pro: Kids Will Be Kids and We Love Them for It

Simply put, kids are cute. It’s hard to look at a small child, dressed up in their adorable wedding day finery, and not want to smile. Their natural excitement and joy for the day not only makes for super cute photos that you’ll always have to look back on, but creates a warm, happy atmosphere sure to spread to all your guests. Kids, being so full of energy, definitely know how to start and lead a party! 

Con: Additional Wallet Digging

Unfortunately, the extra addition of tiny guests means more mouths to feed and may drop the burden of both finding and paying for kid-friendly entertainment and/or childcare, onto you. But you’ve already got a full plate of wedding day responsibilities and duties to take care of. Costs can easily rack up as the guest list increases; for the budget-conscious wedding planner, this may be a mark against having kids attend. 

Pro: Your Day, You Can Have It Your Way

Luckily, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciding who you’d like to be at your wedding. That’s why having options can be so beneficial! If you’re really set on being able to include children in your wedding day, but not so sure you want them there for the duration of the event, consider only allowing kids for the ceremony. Then send them on their way for the reception (or vice versa). The message here is that you don’t necessarily have to have it one way or the other; the little details are all up to you!

Con: Potential Party Poopers

If keeping an eye on the children is what your adult guests will be doing during the reception, this leaves no room for the “big kids” to really let loose and enjoy your night with you, free of distractions. If you’re hoping for your wedding to be somewhat of a party your guest’s will never forget, consider the people you’re inviting. If a night of drinking and tearing up the dance floor in the name of love sounds like your kind of wedding night, then perhaps it’s better for your guests to leave the little ones at home.

And there you have it, the pros and cons of having a family friendly wedding!